Updated: Jul 4, 2020

When placing your custom orders I can't stress enough that you please read details beforehand. Remember whatever you type in the boxes is what I work from and if in the wrong box this could mess up your order and what I end up stamping which the last thing I want to do. ​ If genuine mistakes are made on my part then ill correct at no charge (I am human they can happen from time to time) but if the mistake is made on your part then there will be a charge for replacement. Remember I can only work with what info I am given.

The majority of the 1st custom field box is headed YOUR PERSONALISATION: with character limits. If this box not available then the product isn't for personalisation. ​

Vast majority of hand stamped products do have click and select options for text and cord colors apart from the Multi-Plates that have multiple styles options ie: double... triple... 4 plate and so on. With these you just need to type your colors in the 2nd custom field box which is headed YOUR COLORS. These sometimes maybe optional if you want to choose 2 colors for cord or multiple for text color per plate on the Multi-Plate Bracelets. ​ ​

If you need any further help with placing your order please feel free to use the online chat or contact button on the home page.

Sample Templates shown below - Click to view larger