Loyalty rewards are available for all sign up members of the website. ​ ​ You will collect 1 point every £7 you spend, which will earn you £1 Every time you order £10 or more (not including delivery)

  • All points (stars) will be added to your members badge on your profile account so you can keep track of how many you have collected.

  • Once you have 10 or more you can start taking advantage of your rewards. If you wish to use your points please contact me so I can send out your discount.

  • To use your points (use your discount) you must have a minimum of 10 points which will give you a £10 discount. Maximum points to use in one transaction is 20. Once you have used 20 Points you will start again collecting points.

  • Minimum order to use your points will be £15 (not including delivery) which means if you are using 10 points you will only pay £5 +£3.15 = £8.15 for your £18.15 order.

  • When using your points you will not qualify for any points no matter how much you spend on top of your discount.

  • Please note when using your discount you wont be able to use any other website discount code.