BLOG: V-Jewellery© Updates


Updated: Aug 1, 2020

UPDATE 02.07.20

New lower prices on Large baby foot bracelet and keyring. Baby Feet Collection

UPDATE: 13.06.20

New lower prices been added to some of V-Jewellery Keyrings

UPDATE: 11.06.20

Ive realised Ive made a mistake with the price changes on the Multi-Plate Bracelets. Technically I'd only increaded £1.50 per bracelet apose to per plate which I'd stated in original post. So to correct this I've now changed the plate price from £4 to £5 to make my life easier and not making them +1.50 per plate. So Ive now changed the single plate up by just 50p (from original price) so then plates are then added +£5... as you can see below.


  • Single: £7

  • Double: £12

  • Triple: £17

  • 4 Plate: £22

  • 5 Plate: £27

  • 6 Plate: £32

I do apologise for my mistake, I truely love what I do but I have always admitted I really hate pricing. Im sure you will agree they are still affordable prices.


For the last 7 years I have never changed the prices of the Multi-plates and Wrap Rings.

Due to the fact my suppliers increased their prices a good while ago and I chose to put it off and off. I am sorry but now I have had to do the same.

I promise they are all still very value for money and I will always continue to do my special offers and deals on them from time to time.

So from now on here are the new prices... as you can see not a huge increase.

  • Single Plate and Multi-Plate Bracelets +£1.50 per plates

  • Wrap Rings +50p