Updated: Jun 19, 2020

EDIT: 19.06.20 I have been trying to add more reviews from facebook recently hence why they have now been separated to every 2 years. I do apologise if any reviews have been duplicated (I honestly don't think there has... but It could of happened by mistake and me going crossed eyed) as you can see there is alot from Facebook and the previous website before this one became live December 2019.

Original post

All reviews have been added from facebook and the previous V-Jewellery website.

Reviews 2013-2019

Please note these may not all been added to the correct year as I transfered these over when I opened this website in Dec 2019.

As you can see there is alot so im sure alot have got mixed up years wise.

From now on reviews will be added each month in batches, this will make it easier for me to add and not get mixed up again.